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Titanrun Is a battle racing board game for 2 to 6 players.

You take the role of a team manufacturer, and you compete for your vehicle supremacy on a big rally-raid event called; The Titanrun.

Choose your driver, a fast motorbike, a balanced car or a heavy truck. Ride over the land, find some equipment. Whatever you decide to run, or fight, the one who finishes the race with more fame wins the game.



The background story

The inception of the first event comes from warfare manufacturers who started to test their vehicles supremacy in competition with the objective of gaining a contract from armed forces. The teams began to adapt vehicles for better entertainment. It reached a great popularity, and it became one of the main broadcasted event among earth’s colonies.


A few centuries from now, it is the age of terraforming. The inhabitants from hearth started to colonize new moons and new planets. From these new worlds, a viral competition is born The Titanrun is an event in which warfare vehicles manufacturers are engaging their vehicle to affirm their domination. The game consists of a long rally through a hostile landscape mixed with open fire battles.

The drivers are part of an elite class of racers and fighters who compete during this long raid on terraformed worlds.


we are looking for vehicle concept.

Titanrun the board game is doing playtest at the moment and will eventually launch is crowdfunding campaign within the next few months. We are still looking for vehicle design for the game and to create our plastic figures if you are in interested to sell a license or create a vehicle concept. Please, contact us.

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Rules of play

The Titanrun rule book will be available soon for download for your evaluation. If you want to be notified, please subscribe here.

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