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Being creative and keeping the passion alive.


Time to time, to keep the passion alive, it's important to be able to turn “off” work mode and feed the pleasure of creating and being inspired. Passion leads to practice, practice leads to excellence.

‘Passion’ is a word so excessively used and almost always blindingly paired with work, At the root of it all, it points to that strong emotion you have inside of you. And anyone who has ever succeeded would probably state their passion for something as a reason for their success.

Featured works with passionate



Photography (Model) : Patrick Seguin
Photography (Environment) : Stock
Model : Kate Antonova - Agency: Next (Montreal)
Stylist : Julie Bouchard
Hair – Mua : Lisa Sim
Art Direction - Digital Art : Tobie Cote

Copyrights © Framebox - Patrick Seguin

Poster Wonder Woman

Framebox teamed up with Fly Foto to create this poster style image of Wonder Woman.

Photography (Model) : Fly Foto
Photgraphy (Environment) : Tobie Cote
Photography (Other) : Stock
Model : Kim Bruneau
Hair- Mua: Sana Mrad
Concept - Digital Art : Tobie Cote


Wonder Woman Breakdown

Brakedown Video 1:03 sec
Softwares : Photoshop - Lightroom - Softimage and Mental Ray
Image Completion time around 35-40 Hours This Include 3D modeling.

Camera Information: Nikon D800
Lens : 50 mm f/1.8
ISO 100 - f/9 - 1/200 s 0.00 eV 50mm


Copyrights © Framebox - Fly Foto



Photography (Model) : Patrick Seguin
Model : Anne-Sophie Rivest Nobes (Agency : montage)
Stylist : Julie Bouchard
Hair – Mua : Lisa Sim
Art Direction - Digital Compositing : Tobie Côté


Black and White Star Wars

Mixed media from 3D models to long exposure photographs to create unique artworks.