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Framebox’s original fundraising calendar to help fight the breast cancer.


The first edition of the fantastic calendar Angels. A realization that comes to help in the fight of breast cancer. This project led and carried out by Tobie Side in partnership with photographer David Couillard, is a work unique in it’s style. Its contents presented computer generated images on photographs of models which all has been illustrated for their beauty. The image of these guardian angels personified by the models is inspired by these women who are fighting in their own way to each day this terrible scourge.

Anges MMXIII Framebox - David Couillard © All Rights Reserved




Concept and Direction : Tobie Côté
Photography : David Couillard
Photography Assistant : Brigitte Fabi
Coordination Assistant : Audrey Poirier

Models : (By order of appearance) Jessica Langevin (cover), Marie-Anne Parr, Karolyne Brassard, Vicky Tremblay, Audrey Boulay, Stefany Mc Lellan  Simard, Christyna Boudreault, Judith Chrétien, Tania Levasseur, Sandy Leblanc, Vickie Boudreau, Laurie Doucet, Mylene Lapointe.

Make Up and Hairstyle
Hair : Andrew Gilbert, Sana Ghazal
Make Up : Sana Ghazal, Karolyne Brassard

Visual Effects
Retouching and CG: Tobie Côté
3D Modeling: Laurent Fortin
CG Assistant : Pierre Dufour, Benoit Ladouceur

Behind The Scene

Here in this section we cover different aspect of the making of the Calendar Anges MMXXIII. We show from costume design to final composition.

About Anges

This project was entirely done by Framebox in collaboration with the photographer David Couillard. This special calendar used same VFX technics as film production by compositing CG elements with real photography. FrameBox wanted to create this fantasy calendar to help raising money to fight breast cancer.

Concept and Direction: Tobie Cote,


Design Concepts

Click on the image to see before and after.