The story
about Framebox and me

My name is Tobie. I was born during the winter 1974 in a small town in the north of Quebec named Chicoutimi, the name is in Algonquian language. It means the end of the deep water. What to say about it? It is a small town in a great fjord (the Saguenay’s fjord). There is something there in the wild that are making people proud, strong character, and often authentic. I can easily say and people close to me will agree that it had rubs off on me.


As long as I remember

When I was not playing outside swimming in the river or sliding on the snowy slopes we had during our cold winters, I was at home sat at my wooden desk drawing. In the desk, you could find 24 prismacolor pencils box, collector’s Star Wars cards, Grendizer and Captain Harlock Books (We had others names in French). I was endlessly redrawing, retracing monster and robots I saw from comic book or movie magazine. 

I grew immersed in the bronze age of comics and the first years of Star Wars.I could spend hours and hours looking at my favorite metal band Vinyl Record Jacket or cutting pages from magazine; beautiful women, athletes, beautiful landscapes and bad ass army vehicles. I had cardboard folder for everything. At high school I was spending most my launch time in the art class.

After high school I studied structural engineer… I was truly lost. I had mediocre results I finally quit during my second year bored of drawing with compass-and-straightedge calculating each pen stroke.

Tobie  Cote sketches book

90's Ink Sketch

In 1994, I stumbled on a newspaper article 

It was about a new type of course that were about to start in Quebec province. Quebec had always been a cradle for many informatic technologies. A new course named multimedia. A special class to learn new technologies related to the trendy internet  (a time where you had to ask your mom to hang the phone to connect to internet at 33.6 kbit/s) and a so called Electronic Highway that never really made its way. At the end of the article they mentioned that they were about to accept 16 peoples.




I could say my father was a computer enthusiast. Since the 80’s we had all bunch of computers, TRS 80, Commodore 64, Mac 128k, mac 512k Mac SE, Power Mac and So. When the time came, I was selected by the multimedia class committee with my full knowledge of Photoshop 3.0 (I started to learn with 1.5) and all my digitized drawings. I was already familiar to softwares and images, I was used to ink and put grayscale on my drawings using an old Abaton Scanner and a dots printer.


During this course I had my first encounter with the Silicon Graphics, Iris workstation sold for a fortune at the time. I knew it was a very rare luck to see one. At that moment, my first presentation on Softimage and then all my passion for images and movie was back! This immersion in the technologies lead me to improve even more my knowledge of computers graphics. Right after I received my diploma, I was admitted to the Nad center (National Animation and Design) in VFX and computer animation.




That was my first real cg artist job. I quickly jump in the CG movie Industry and for the years to come switching back and forth from games to VFX. I had to wear many hats starting as modeler, then I have been hired as texture artist, lighting artist, generalist, and for almost last 10 years, matte painter and later on concept Artist, I was even teaching computers graphics in my early entry. I used to be with the team with limited resources to clear the shot. The matte painter job is make it great with less. I learned a great deal from many great artists in few cities. Montreal, Berlin, London and Vancouver. I had the opportunity to contribute in very rewarding projects insides major studios like EA, Ubisoft, Framestore and ILM.

In 2008, I founded Framebox, my own studio. I was back in Montreal and it was a hard time for VFX. We had the writer’s strike a year before and studios were often waiting weeks for retakes on script which can means everything in the VFX industry. Two major studios crashed leaving artists unpaid for some very long period of time, that was my case. So I simply decided to go rogue. I jotted on a paper around fifty names I left the paper for weeks. When I read back, I picked the one that caught my attention. Framebox was Born.

Today I really enjoy to work closer with all kind of clients on their Images offering my 20 years of expertise and my set of skills. I create for them Images that goes from game cinematic, illustration, photography to scene projection on stage. Time to time I work with my network of passionate and talented partners. Like craftsmen, we work an image like a piece of art executing this very closely with the client until the polished result meets the required quality.

This is me and this is Framebox.

If you got any question call me. I am super easy to deal with. 1
(514) 439-0690 or find me on linkedIn or on Facebook

Tobie Côté - Owner of Framebox

Artwork Mixed Media CG with long exposure photography © Tobie Cote

My toolbox

Softwares I used on my work some others I master been using them for decades.